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ChatterBox Press is the story-making studio of artist & educator Katie Hafner.

Chatterbox Press is an artist-built home place for visionary artwork housed in craft-like vessels such as books, pictures, charts & instructions. Outside the constraints of formal art space, radical & regenerative forces move freely here. Open to interpreting the meaning and nature of the word ‘press’ and ‘print’  we willingly experiment with reproduction media—new & old—that enlivens the storytelling process and engages people.Chatterbox Press is created in the folk tradition and aims to deliver affordable & accessible art work as a celebration of life: domestic, participatory, ephemeral and intimate.

Trained in fine arts with a natural bend toward conceptual thinking and collage-like process, Katie makes imaginative multi-dimensional artwork. She creates stories, poems, pictures & rituals across disciplines, for traditional art spaces and in domestic or educational settings.

Katie lives with her family in a small house surrounded by garden and set in a rural subdivision adjacent to an abandoned ski resort. She homeschools her three children, homesteads, and prefers walking.

Please fill out the contact for below if you are interested in connecting with Katie or collaborating with Chatterbox Press.