the talking mirror

The Talking Mirror
Questions Asked : Answers Given
an oracle as zine, printed and delivered monthly


The Talking Mirror is a subscriber supported oracle zine modeled after newspaper advice columns. Patrons purchase a yearly subscription and receive one print zine per month for twelve months. This Talking Mirror is a creative relationship between counselor and those seeking counsel; upon purchase subscribers will receive instructions on how to submit questions to be answered and printed in a forthcoming issue. Rooted in trust-magic and loving authenticity, The Talking Mirror invites questions concerning the dark corners of shadow, taboo, shame, awkward fumbling and weirdness as well as guidance on ritual, celebration and pleasure. Topics concerning sexuality, relationship, family, body,adornment, desire, identity, work, money, god, culture and so on are encouraged.  

Your monthly zine will be printed as a two-page pamphlet, tucked in an envelope, and delivered via USPS.

The Talking Mirror emerges from a lifelong practice of peer counseling and creative deep-diving. For most of my adulthood, I trained and practiced as a paraprofessional counselor inside public health, education, and child development organizations. Despite the demands of motherhood and the need to work, I remained devoted to my own art practice; experimenting with material, exploring disciplines, making and breaking rules—always seeking a container for my process to speak clearly though my finished product. For years I chatted to close friends about trying to marry art and counseling in a meaningful way—in a material way—insisting that my service must include creating objects. The Talking Mirror is this marriage, an oracle born of the union between community care and imaginal journeying, an offering and a coming home.—kmh

An oracle is a medium for mystical information to be made understandable to those seeking answers to questions. In order to keep the reflective waters of the mirror bright and clear, there will be a limited window of time to join, open three or four times per year. Check in here, sign up for my newsletter and follow me on instagram to be ready when the door opens.

The Talking Mirror relies on reader participation. Subscribers are encouraged to submit questions for answering as frequently as they prefer. Your purchase and active participation also acts as consent to have your question reprinted for the monthly issue as well as “best of” compilations etc. Participants have the option to remain anonymous, choose a pen name, or have their own name published. Not all questions asked can be answered, but, in reading responses to others’ questions, one may find the answers they need.

The Talking Mirror is an art project that may surprise, offend, excite or inspire you. Expect cursing, body talk, political talk, practical advice, suggestions for further learning, compassionate approaches to hard questions and lots of in-house type chatter that can spiral us inward and toward the center of the thing. Please prepare yourself to receive more and less, above and beyond, easy and flawed, specific and sweepingly etheric content.

Questions? Email me at or fill out the contact form on my about & contact page.