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Questions Asked : Answers Given
an oracle as zine, printed and delivered monthly

The Talking Mirror is a subscriber supported oracle zine modeled after newspaper advice columns. Patrons purchase a yearly subscription and receive one print zine per month for twelve months. In addition, participants are invited to ask questions to be answered in a forthcoming issue. This project is a creative relationship between counselor and those seeking counsel. Rooted in trust-magic and loving authenticity, TTM invites questions that live in the dark corners of shadow, taboo, shame, and awkward fumbling as well as guidance on ritual, celebration and pleasure. Topics concerning sexuality, relationship, family, body, adornment, desire, identity, work, money, god, culture and so on are encouraged.  

To join, purchase The Talking Mirror for $36 plus shipping. After all new subscribers have signed up, a welcome email is sent explaining how to send in questions via email and our password protected submission page. You are encouraged to ask at least one question in the duration of your year, but you are free and invited to ask many more questions if you wish. Each month two to four questions are chosen and answered creatively. Questions and answers are printed on French Paper, slipped in an envelope and sent at the end of the month via USPS . Kind feedback and updates on questions answered are welcomed. At the end of your year you can resubscribe to continue participating in this project.

A good question: what is a question?
With The Talking Mirror, almost anything goes. A train of thought may substitute a question, and one’s inquiries can be wide & deep or shallow & lighthearted. You may ask with a short sentence or six paragraphs, the choice is yours. Intention is key, bring to your submission sincere curiosity and a willingness to play, to learn.

a question answered in our first issue of TTM, October 2020

NEW NEW NEW offering for The Talking Mirror! In addition to a monthly zine, subscribers of TTM have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one. For urgent or deeply personal questions that would benefit from creative guidance and sustained attention, subscribers can purchase one month of weird peer counseling. This opportunity will be described in detail in your welcome email.

The Talking Mirror emerges from a lifelong practice of peer counseling and creative deep-diving. For most of my adulthood, I trained and practiced as a paraprofessional counselor inside public health, education, and child development organizations. Despite the demands of motherhood and the need to work, I remained devoted to my own art practice; experimenting with material, exploring disciplines, making and breaking rules—always seeking a container for my process to speak though my finished product. For years I chatted to close friends about trying to marry art and counseling in a meaningful way, in a material way—insisting that my service must include creating objects. The Talking Mirror is this marriage, an oracle born of the union between community care and imaginal journeying, an offering and a coming home.—kmh

Questions? Email me at or fill out the contact form on my about & contact page.

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