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a reader supported subscription advice column, printed and delivered monthly

The Talking Mirror is a subscription advice column and reader supported publication created, written, printed and packaged by Katie Mae Hafner. Participants purchase a six month subscription and in turn receive one publication per month via USPS and the privilege to ask questions to be answered in a forthcoming issue. The Talking Mirror is open to new subscribers for two weeks in March and September.

The dynamic nature of this project relies on reader participation. Soon after purchasing, subscribers receive a welcome email detailing how to submit questions for advice. Participants can ask questions anonymously through an online submission form, send an email directly to Chatterbox Press, or deliver their question via snail mail. Some folks join TTM with the intention of a read-only experience, and while it is certainly fine to do so, you are and will be encouraged to submit at least one question in the course of your subscription period.

This project is as much about learning to ask questions as it is about receiving answers.

A good question: what is a question?

With The Talking Mirror, anything goes. You are welcome to send a one sentence inquiry or a five paragraph tell-all. Go deep into questions about god and death or ask my advice on comfortable clothing. You are invited to ask personal questions about me, although I don’t guarantee an answer. Feedback and additional inquiries in response to previous issues are also encouraged.

a question answered in our first issue of TTM, October 2020

The Talking Mirror is a project that grows and thrives in the private space between connection and vulnerability. Rooted in the traditions of book art, correspondence, gossip and editorial entertainment, The Talking Mirror is a group process centering imaginative and unconditional love.

Need additional assistance or more information? Email me at or fill out the contact form on my about & contact page.

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